Basic Functionality for Viewers

Basic Functionality

For the Website:

  1. Sign Up / Login - Once you sign up and choose your membership, you can watch broadcasts. If you don't sign up, you will be prompted to do so after 30 minutes. You can select your membership level once you have completed the sign up. If you are in a region that we can advertise to, you can select the Free Viewer Subscription – however, if we cannot advertise to you, you will have to choose a paid subscription. This can be from as little as $1.49 a month.
  2. Watch - This dropdown list will allow you to search for livestreams and search for reruns by game, broadcast channels or all reruns.
  3. Highlights - This page will show you our very best, most recent and editors choice of Highlight vods
  4. eSports - This will show our Esport calendar

For the Broadcast Page:

  1. Web Player - Pause, volume control, subscribe to channel, follow, settings, open in full view and channel chat.
  2. Broadcast Information -  The name of the broadcaster, the title for the current broadcast, along with the game the broadcaster is playing.
  3. Chat - Chat with other followers within the broadcast channel. If you are a member of that channel, you can get special perks from the broadcaster including badges/emoticons and unique sessions.
  4. Click Pro Button Simulation - Player functionality to provide the channel broadcaster's real time keyboard button simulation. Pops out to another window.
  5. Channel & Re-Run Information - Popup provides your rating of the highlights/channel, content description, broadcaster name.
  6. Tiles - Broadcasters can customize their Channel with descriptions, information, links and images.

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