Moderator Levels & Badges

User chat badges and what they mean on DingIt:

DingIt Staff - Our Team! Say Hi!

Global Moderator -  They're here to help all members of the DingIt community and have full moderation control over all channels.

Broadcaster - This is the owner of the channel you are visiting. They have the ability to ban, timeout, and create and remove chat moderators. A Broadcaster can define filtered words, disable the posting of links in chat, and enable slow or subscriber-only mode in their chat.

Chat Moderator - A member with this icon is a moderator of the channel you're currently visiting. They are selected by the channel owner and have the ability to time out, ban and enable slow or subscriber-only mode in this chat.

Go Pro: A subscriber of DingIt's monthly premium user service. 

Channel Subscriber: A subscriber to a favourite Broadcaster Channel

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