DingIt’s Code of Conduct

Rules of Conduct

At DingIt, our mission is to provide the best platform for live gaming content created by the community at large, wherein broadcasters and viewers can interact in real time. To maintain our standing as a trusted partner to both our broadcasters and viewers, we ask that all of our participants adhere to a series of guidelines.

DingIt empowers certain employees and moderators to suspend any account at any time for any activity that we deem inappropriate or harmful. If suspended from DingIt, you reserve the right to appeal our decision. However, we reserve the right to deny an explanation regarding your suspension when our staff make the decision to block your account.

Unless we implicitly state otherwise, suspensions may be indefinite or for any period of time we deem appropriate. We will reinstate accounts on a case-by-case basis, at our discretion. DingIt’s support staff will review all reinstatement appeals, which will be responded to in line with other standing support requests. Appeals are not given priority over any other support tickets.

In addition to our  Terms of Service, following is a list of behaviours that could lead to suspension of your DingIt account or channel. We ask that you employ the same standards that you might apply when in public in terms of appropriate behaviour, legal behaviour, etc.

DingIt asks that you refrain from:

Sexually explicit acts or content:  In-game nudity notwithstanding, public nudity or sexual conduct of any kind including disrobing, sexual acts, solicitation of sexual acts or third party pornographic non-gaming materials are all forbidden.

Obvious acts of public drunkenness: Please refrain from drinking openly while broadcasting, or broadcasting after you have been drinking excessively.

Self-harm or self-mutilation: Please do not engage in any self-harming behaviour during your broadcasts. Suicide threats will be referred to law enforcement. This can lead to a permanent ban from DingIt. If you need  help, please visit https://www.imalive.org/

Please respect and adhere to the given laws and regulations of the jurisdiction you inhabit.

Spam: Please refrain from the reposting of unwanted materials and third party promotional materials that are non-gaming in nature. This includes “spamming” fellow broadcasters, viewers, chat sessions, etc.

Racism, sexism, homophobia, or other hate speech:  The use of language or content that is clearly racist, sexist, homophobic, or falls under generally accepted guidelines for hate speech will result in your dismissal from DingIt.

Harassment: The harassment, verbal abuse, or defamation of DingIt staff, broadcasters, channels or viewers will result in your dismissal from DingIt.

Spidering, “botting” or hacking online games: DingIt respectfully requests that you adhere to the Terms of Service (TOS) of other online games and game communities.

Streaming games prior to release dates without permission: DingIt asks that you respect the developer’s and publisher’s release dates or any other intellectual properties that are NDA enforced. Unlicensed previews will face immediate suspension.

Capturing and re-streaming another channel.  Any content on your channel must originate from you or a third party who has given you explicit legal permission to broadcast their content.

Evading suspension: If you are suspended you may not, prior to reinstatement (if reinstatement is permitted): create a new account, identity or broadcast channel. This includes, for example, reposting a YouTube broadcast that features a broadcaster that has been suspended from DingIt. Any violation of suspension evasion will only lead to longer or permanent suspension from DingIt.

Impersonating DingIt staff members: Posing as a staff member of DingIt will result in immediate suspension.

Posting non-game related content. DingIt is a gaming-related site. We ask that all broadcasts on our network are consistent with this primary focus. Non-gaming related channels will be taken down immediately, even if they are not pornographic or illegal in nature. We will not be hosting your live cooking demonstrations or panda cams.

Channel-Based Suspensions

Channel operators are entitled to block or suspend users from their own channels at their own discretion. Users who have been suspended from a specific channel will need to contact a channel or a channel moderator to contest suspension or request reinstatement. .

DMCA Suspensions

For more on our DMCA guidelines, please go here. DMCA covers music, movies, television, etc. DMCA violations may result in very severe actions, including indefinite suspension.

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