Web Player Error - Stream Not Showing

We're always in the process of improving our web player and technology and welcome all your feedback and any bug reports you can give us. On our most of the time one of these six solutions will fix the error. Start with Step 1 and work through the rest until it works:

1) Please ensure all Adblock software is turned off on or exempted on our site.

2) Force a cache reload of the webpage rather than a standard refresh. For Windows users, press Ctrl + F5 (or hold Ctrl and click the refresh button). Mac users should press Apple + R.

3) Restart the browser completely, then reload the page. Repeat steps 1 and 2.

4)  Restart your computer completely and then repeat steps 1-3.

If one of these solutions worked, we'd appreciate it if you would send it to our support desk via this contact form http://kb.dingit.tv/contact and let us know which step worked. 

If none of these six steps work, then please email us (with as much detail about your OS and browser version) and we may ask users to take part in running tests to help them fix the bugs they report to us.

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